Find out more about some of the birds on display at Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park, Rotorua.


New Zealand is a land dominated by birds.

Until humans began to arrive on our shores 700 odd years ago New Zealand's only land mammals were small bats, so our native species evolved over millions of years without land mammals.

Along with humans came a large assortment of animals - first rats and dogs and later our most damaging pests of all; stoats and possums. Our native birds were used to predators such as the now extinct Haast's eagle who would hunt via sight. Birds only had to keep still to avoid being seen by an overhead eagle, or become nocturnal to avoid them altogether. So when avid hunters such as stoats come across our birds, using smell as well as sight to hunt out their prey, many of our birds only know to freeze. Sealing their fate and becoming an easy meal.

Species such as stoats, rats, weasels, hedgehogs, cats and possums prey on birds, their chicks and eggs. The best way to keep our native birds and other species safe is by controlling introduced predators, especially prior to the breeding season in late winter/early spring. Setting traps and using bait stations are suitable methods of control. Learn more on the Animal Pests pages of the Department of Conservation website. 


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