Native - Wild in New Zealand

Other names: Wood Pigeon, New Zealand Pigeon.

Maori names: Kukupa, Kuku

Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae.

Kereru are essential to New Zealand’s native forests as they are the only remaining species able to spread the large seeds of our big forest trees.

Found: Only in New Zealand. Widespread throughout the country from native forests to most cities. 

Conservation status: Not threatened.

Threats: Vulnerable to cats and other predators especially when nesting, mainly during September to April. Also affected by flying into windows, powerlines or fast moving vehicles, and illegal hunting.

How to help Kereru: Setting traps for pests like rats, possums and stoats and if you own a cat, make sure it is neutered, has a jingly bell on its collar and lock it inside at night. You can also plant different native trees to help feed them but be aware of plants growing too close to windows as the reflection can confuse birds and cause them to fly into a window.




As well as our display birds, several wild Kereru live year round at Paradise, and we have even counted a flock of 24 at our park.

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