Introduced - Farmed, Rare Breed or Wild in New Zealand

Pigs first came to New Zealand with the early explorers of the late 1700's.

Wild pig populations quickly grew as they adapted well to New Zealand's conditions and complete lack of predators. Hunting of pigs began not long after their introduction, and numbers are still controlled today to help prevent damage to the likes of pasture, native bush and forestry plants from them rooting up the ground with their snouts.


Wild black pigs are named after Captain James Cook who successfully liberated them here in the 1770’s.

Found in a range of habitats throughout the country, they come in a variety of sizes and colours as a result of interbreeding with domestic pigs. Hunting pigs with trained dogs is a popular sport in New Zealand.


The Kune Kune (meaning fat) pigs' origin is most likely Asian, developing into their current form in New Zealand. They were traditionally kept by Maori communities. Kune Kune pigs have characteristic cheek tassels (Piri Piri) and short snouts.

They are very friendly animals and have a gentle nature. Kune Kune pigs make great pets, and can be taught things like sitting on command.

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