Introduced - Farmed/Rare Breed in New Zealand

Miniature Horses were introduced to New Zealand in the 1980's.  They are no more than one metre high at the shoulder, and come in all colours.

With their gentle temperaments they make great pets.  They are also used for showing, and are most prized for the smaller they are - in proportion to full-sized horses.


You are able to meet our Miniature Horse 'Spring', named after our park. She came to be at Paradise originally meant to be for our lions. Her feet and her general health were in a bad way due to neglect, but she had a beautiful personality and was thought to have a few years left in her. Her health has greatly improved over the years, but she will always be on medications for health issues, one being asthma. We ask that visitors don't feed her as she is on a special diet which keeps her as healthy as she can be, and free from pain. She does enjoy a pat though, and often will knock on the fence to get the attention of passing visitors.

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