Paradise Valley Springs



See trout leap!

Flowing through Paradise Valley Springs is the Ngongotaha Stream.  This is the major trout spawning stream for Lake Rotorua and Lake Rotoiti and approximately 20,000 trout spawn in this stream annually.  The Trout are totally wild and are free to come and go as they wish.  The Ngongotaha Stream is very popular with anglers and produces some fine fish.

Our trout pools are magnificent - spring-fed and crystal clear. You can view Rainbow, Brown, Tiger and Brook trout.  The source of this crystal clear water is our natural fresh water spring.

Enter our underground cave where swallows nest, and you can observe Rainbow, Brown and Tiger trout at eye level.  It feels like you can reach out and touch them!

At Paradise Valley Springs you can see the trout, feed them, and admire them.  Hand feed the trout in the Ngongotaha Stream and in our trout pools.  Trout food is available from our shop. 


Trout on display

Native Eels



Paradise Valley Springs